Although I was born and raised in Rochester, New York, I am often asked where I am “originally from.” I spent twelve years in Paris, France,where I earned a Doctoral degree in Comparative Literature. I have traveled to the Middle East as well as the Dominican Republic.

Published by FootHills in June 2010, my first poetry collection, Ariadne of the Freezing Rains/Ariana de las lluvias heladas was an attempt to appease what Dr. Clara Pinkola Estés calls hambre del alma or starvation of the soul. My second collection, Demetrio’s Scythe: A Suite of Elegies, takes the reader on a musical and botanical journey. The new book features the poem “Maplewood Rose Garden,” which was selected for inclusion in the Poets Walk, and six pieces composed especially for the Women in Music Festival sponsored by the Eastman School of Music. It was released on March 25, 2014, in time for the tenth anniversary of Women in Music.

I have taken part in several all-female multi-art productions such as the HER show, WOMONSTOCK Art in the Park, the HATCHED series and the Mama’s American Herstory project consisting of original dramatic monologues. By studying voice at the Eastman I perform “Demeter’s Dance,” which occurs when a woman recovers a lost passion.



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  1. Beautiful blog, visually and conceptually commanding!

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