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When searching for the appropriate image to accompany my next entry, I first looked at the ones with the smashed or dropped birthday cake. There was even one with a cartoon character that read, “Smash me.” Then I came across this brilliantly sarcastic cake complete with lit birthday candles.

My birthday is not until February. I was born on Groundhog Day, but woe to me if I, in the spirit of Bill Murray, have to read the same, self-centered Facebook posts day in and day out. I would much rather listen to an endless loop of Sonny and Cher singing, “I Got You, Babe,” just like Murray did in the movie.

Nothing annoys me more than “Happy Birthday to Me” posts by my female peers. Granted, I have a few more years before I reach 50, but I will have bigger and better things to do than post my picture, stating, “51 and still feeling like a warrior,” in order to garner “Likes” and comments. Just the other day I woke up to this status update: “Happy Birthday to Me! 56 and still shinning bright.” First of all, the glaring spelling error hurt my eyes. Second of all, I wanted to scream at the screen, “Get over yourself! Wait for other people to recognize you!” 

Finally, I started calling for Bill Murray’s character Phil Connors to take me away with him.

In every bit of sarcasm, there is the tiniest grain of truth. Murray’s character is initially described as a “self-centered meteorologist.” The only way to escape the incessant string of Groundhog Days and move the calendar forward to February 3 is for him to better himself. In the movie, among the talents he acquires are the abilities to play the piano and even speak Italian and French.

I can play the piano enough to read simple music because I gave it up in college. My Italian is not as fluent as it should be because we never spoke it at home. French is another story, since I stayed in Paris for a total of 12 years. I recently had a friend take a picture of my diploma from the Sorbonne (earned in 1995 in the pre-social media days) and I uploaded it to my Facebook timeline. The trick was to give my friend photographer’s credit and make it all about him.

Watch Bill Murray reciting French poetry here after he takes the time to find out about Rita (Andie MacDowell) :

And if anyone catches me navel-gazing on my 50th birthday and beyond, may  “Punxutawney Phil” see his shadow over and over again so spring never comes. Then may the townspeople come knocking on my door, drag me through the snowy streets to volunteer at the nearest Red Cross or United Way, and in so doing, force me out of the endless time loop.