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Pieces that Dionisio Would Listen To

Everyone knows the adage that appearances can be deceiving. I have a male alter ego whom I have named Dionisio Clemente de los Ríos. He is 5’11” and three quarters: the joke is that he couldn’t stre-e-etch that extra quarter-inch to make six feet, and therefore he is teased by his relatives for being the shortest in the family. Dionisio, which means “twice-born” (this is the Spanish derivative of Dionysos, the god of wine in Greek mythology) was born in Mexico City and bears a slight resemblance to Marco Antonio Solís with the beard and long hair.

Because of his somewhat wild appearance, nobody would guess that Dionisio could speak French as well as English and Spanish, or that he would appreciate a piece by the Hungarian composer Franz Lizst.

Like his namesake who roamed the world as far as India, Dionisio is afflicted with wanderlust. The main difference between him and the son of Zeus and Semele is that Dionysos was cursed by the jealous Olympian queen, whereas Dionisio de los Ríos made a conscious choice.