Most people are well aware of my passion for other languages. I am a foreign language tutor who goes into homes of students who are on medical leave. “Must love animals” should be part of the job description, for I have witnessed the battle between a poodle and a Yorkie who pushed each other out of the way because they wanted my undivided attention. A German Shepherd could not wait for me to unzip my laptop case: he put his enormous head under my arm and nuzzled my hand so that I would pet him.

My animal craziness followed me to an Open House at the Casa Hispana at Nazareth College. As soon as I walked in, the husband of a Spanish professor took me aside, telling me, “I have a puggle in the car. Would you like to see her?”

It was late September, so Peanuts the puggle was comfortable in the shade. The puggle, being a cross between the pug and the beagle, has an interesting bark which is also a howl. Image

This dog resembles Peanuts the most. I did not have a camera that night, but even if I did, it would have been difficult to have the dog hold still enough for me to take her picture. She was crying, making those excited noises like my uncle’s beagle used to do when he saw any one of us kids. I am sure that she wanted to jump right into my arms.

Each one of us has a personal brand. I do not mind being seen as “the dog-crazy one,” especially since it has led to a second career in Pet Assisted Therapy.

Watch Nazareth students “paws” for stress relief during midterm exam week .