The Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the psalms of David are chants and songs praise.The baptismal rite is a joyful occasion.

Here I have willingly twisted these sacred rites and chosen some of the ugliest English words, which translate into some of the ugliest Spanish words I know. Even the most terrible-sounding words that carry the most hurtful meanings cannot begin to describe the pain of rejection.

Litany of the Disenchanted Island

I renounce the sun the sea and all that sings:
take back your enchantment your sirens your illusions
I will no longer wreck my boat upon your island
beachless surrounded by jagged rocks and false promise.

Oh disenchanted island queen of lies:

how long have I listened to your Piper’s tune?

your malecón worse than the streets of Hamelin

where souls lured by black magic march toward death.

Whoring siren ungrateful Piper shall I pay you with my blood?

How long will you laugh at my cries a thousand ahs! cast into the sea?

Cursed be the day I learned the psalms that even David would hate

declaimed in a tongue as cutting as the rocks that choke the shore.

Sorceress of scorn inflictor of all pain

merciless mystic mother where is your chaste and cherished child?

I reject you and all your works oh house of fool’s gold.

Far from you shattered mirror of injustice I will seek other seas.