Left to right: Roberto Francisco González, Pedro Martínez, Jr., Lori D. Nolasco (with the bright July sun in her eyes) and Chief Pedro Martínez, Sr.

In November 2010, a delegation of 11 Rochesterians traveled to our sister city of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, in search of humanitarian projects. They noticed that the firefighters (bomberos) of Puerto Plata lacked resources, so it was decided that a three-week training program would be established beginning in June 2011. This initiative coalesced in such a short time because all involved put in their “grain of sand,” as the saying goes.

Now that Puerto Plata Fire Chief Pedro Martínez, Sr., Sgt.Pedro Martínez, Jr., and Sgt. Major Roberto Francisco González have earned their Firefighter I certificates and are qualified to pass their expertise onto their colleagues back home, the next step is to send gear, equipment, fire trucks and ambulances.

I came on board at the tail end of the project and served as interpreter at the graduation ceremony. Through my duties as note taker to assist the secretary, I have become aware of the magnitude of this exchange. My participation in our upcoming fundraiser is a way of showing this awareness through further acts of service.

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